Mysteries of the universe

      A man is just a small part of the universe, which is connected with the universe and its mysteries by invisible threads. The laws of harmony of the world and mysteries of the universe are explored by thousands of sciences and astrology is the most ancient and mysterious among then. Its origins go back to centuries, and its coherence and validity can not be doubted.
What is Astrology and how does it help us to know the mysteries of the universe? Astrology is the ancient science of celestial bodies, the laws of motion that run the universe and determine the course of human life. Certainly each of us at least once in their lives was in need to look in the future. You must agree that to know the future is a secret dream of every man. And astrology, penetrating into the mysteries of the universe, allows us, the ordinary mortals, to lift the veil of the future, to see what is available to see only for gods.
    In astrology, there are many directions, each of which has its own history and its methods to study mysteries of the universe. Different nations relying on their historical experience, managed to build several astrological systems, each of which has its own substantiation. In other words, different nations have seen their features and patterns of the universe and the cosmos. This knowledge, put together, form a complete set of astrological data gathered by mankind in the process of exploring the universe and its mysteries. Exactly with this knowledge we want to share with you on our website dedicated to the mysteries of the universe.

Western zodiac horoscope

       Western astrology is a direct descendent of the original source of astrology. Its origins lie in the astrological system of Babylon. The heart and the summit of western astrology, penetrating the secrets of the universe, is a well-known zodiac horoscope and art of its interpretation. In Western astrology, the Sun and its position takes a special place at the time of birth. It defines the zodiac sign of man, that is his zodiacal constellation. The purpose of the western zodiac astrology and horoscope is to tell him about his opportunities and abilities, to help to determine the life goals and to find ways to achieve them. In this case, celestial science, discovering the secrets of the universe to a man and offering a program of his life, only warns him of possible vicissitudes of life and helps to make the right choice.

Eastern or Chinese horoscope

       Chinese or Oriental horoscope, which studies the mysteries of the universe, is based on a calendar astrology. The main number in this system is the number 12. As you know, there are 12 months in every year, in a day there are 2 times for 12 hours each. 12 animals are patrons for each year, and it is this 12-year cycle is the foundation of Chinese astrology and eastern horoscope.
      Also the connection between Western and Chinese horoscopes is very interesting, which gives us the most accurate description and characteristics for each of the characters. Details can be found in the section: the combination of Eastern and zodiac horoscopes.

Lunar Calendar

       Even in ancient times, penetrating through the secrets of the universe, people have developed the so-called lunar calendar. For a long time it has been used for planning the agricultural work, healing, divination. Physical and mental abilities were calculated with the help of lunar calendar. It was believed that during the rise of the moon, a period of active creation comes, a mind becomes clear, so you can work hard. In the full moon there is an emotional outburst, feelings become sharper, excitability of a man rises. The ancient Slavs believed that conduct of certain ceremonies in a full moon can heal many diseases. The waning moon, according to the lunar calendar, gives wisdom, emotional maturity, good mental alertness, increased intuition. During the old moon we can see a certain braking of emotions, blunting of instincts, the process of physical aging of organism.
Other mysteries of the Universe and Man
       There is also a lot of astrological systems, each of them in its own way explains the mysteries of the universe. For example, Slavic horoscope is intimately connected with the calendar and pagan beliefs. In it each sign-month has its own name, its patron and its mascot, who is a guardian for the person who wears it.
    Horoscope of Druids, created by the priests of Celtic tribes, is based on correspondence and correlation of man and a tree. According to this version, tree-patron defines the features of human nature, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Also is widely known the Celtic flower horoscope, which in its own way explains the mysteries of the universe and its basics. In ancient times Celts have noticed that the plants affect each person in different ways, each flower has its own power and its own distinctive features. In addition, in the flower horoscope each time interval corresponds to a plant-patron. And it not only gives a person who was born during this period, its healing and life-giving force, but also affects some aspects of his character.
    Zoroastrian horoscope is no less famous, which is based on one of the oldest religious systems - Zoroastrianism - and the horoscope of the Maya which was created by unique and mysterious Mayan civilization, originated about 1,500 years BC. All these and other theories, which explore mysteries of the universe and supplement each other, reveal to us the world of the unknown and mysterious, magical and secret, in which we try to get on pages of our website.


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